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    了不起的蓋茨比(純英文)/床頭燈英語.3000詞讀物 版權信息

    • ISBN:9787568271691
    • 條形碼:9787568271691 ; 978-7-5682-7169-1
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    了不起的蓋茨比(純英文)/床頭燈英語.3000詞讀物 內容簡介

    《了不起的蓋茨比》被譽為世界文學目前的“完美之書”,再現了美國20 世紀“爵士時代”的社會現實,為讀者提供了一部飽含韻味、極富美感的“很為動人的美國悲劇”,揭示了“美國夢”的誘惑和破滅。20 世紀20 年代的美國,空氣中彌漫著歡歌與縱飲的氣息。大富豪蓋茨比的家中,盛宴流觴,極盡奢靡。一個偶然的機會,窮職員卡拉韋闖入了蓋茨比隱秘的世界,他驚訝地發現在人頭攢動、衣香鬢影的喧囂背后,蓋茨比落寞孤行,他內心專享的牽絆竟是對面河岸那盞小小的綠燈——婆娑燈影下是早年因貧寒而分手的初戀情人黛西。蓋茨比滿心以為如今的財富可以贏回當年的愛情,然而他心中的現在不過是“笑聲中充滿了金錢”的物質女郎。真相大白,殘酷現實粉碎了蓋茨比的理想,葬送了他的性命。他的悲劇人生亦如煙花一般,璀璨只是一瞬,幻滅才是永恒。這部作品也是作家本人靈魂的投影

    了不起的蓋茨比(純英文)/床頭燈英語.3000詞讀物 目錄

    Chapter 1 Arriving in West Egg
    Chapter 2 Tom’s Other Woman
    Chapter 3 My Strange Neior
    Chapter 4 Daisy and Gatsby
    Chapter 5 A Tea Party
    Chapter 6 The Big Party
    Chapter 7 An Afternoon Together
    Chapter 8 The Yellow Car
    Chapter 9 The Murder
    Chapter 10 The Great Gatsby

    了不起的蓋茨比(純英文)/床頭燈英語.3000詞讀物 節選

      《床頭燈英語·3000詞讀物(純英文版):了不起的蓋茨比》:  The house that I had rented was in one of the strangest places in the United States. It was on Long Island, New York State. The island was more than sixty miles long and just east of New York City.Between Long Island and the city was a narrow part of the Atlantic Ocean called Long Island Sound. On the ocean coast, twenty miles from New York City, there are two strange pieces ofland, both of which look a lot like eggs. They are called West Egg and East Egg and a small bay flows between them. But although they are the same in shape and size, they are also quite different in many ways.  I lived in West Egg, the cheaper, and certainly less nice, of the two eggs. My little house was near the sea, between two very huge houses. The one on my right side was very large and was a copy of some famous house in France. It had a swimmingpool and a huge garden that would take an hour towalk around. I knew that a rich gentleman named Mr. Gatsby lived there. My house was small and ugly and looked very silly next to Gatsby's huge palace, but I could see the water from my house and I was happy.  It was nice to live so close to such rich people.I wanted to know their stories and their secrets. I thought that I might be one of them some day. And  this feeling grew as I looked across the water at the expensive white houses of East Egg. They looked almost like palaces standing high above the water.  The story of my summer really begins on the day I drove over to East Egg to have dinner with Tom and Daisy Buchanan. Daisy was my cousin, but not a close one. Tom attended the same university that I did. A few years after they got married I had spent two days with them in Chicago. Still, I didn't feel close to them.  In university Tom had been one of the strongest football players. He seemed to love the game and all of the people that watched him play.  ……